Canon CD-300 printer


  • 300 dpi photo-quality color printer
  • Supports JPEG and JFIF file formats
  • Accepts Type I and II CompactFlash, PCMCIA-ATA Type II, Video, and S-Video input
  • Software drivers for Windows 95 and 98 included
  • Compatible with many digital cameras

The Canon CD-300 prints your images directly from many models of digital cameras without requiring you to first transfer the data to a computer. Plus, it features high-speed 300 dpi photo-quality resolution. With its moving-film carriage, the CD-300 prints up to 256 shades of cyan, then magenta, followed by yellow, and then it prints a protective ultraviolet layer to prevent image fading. The UV coating also extends the archival status of your prints by protecting them from moisture, fingerprints, and scratches. The CD-300 prints borderless (full bleed) postcard size, 4-by-6, and 4-by-10 panoramas. It use a dye-sublimation transfer technology that prints with high resolution to produce top-quality prints with the ready convenience of printing in your own studio, fully in control of the results.

The CD-300 is automatic and easy to use when working with images from 35mm mounted slide film, strip film, color/monochrome, positives and negatives, and APS IX240 cartridges, and whether or not it is connected to your computer. It also accepts Type I and II CompactFlash, PCMCIA-ATA Type II, video, and S-video inputs. The CD-300 supports JPEG and JFIF file formats.

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